Saturday, August 21, 2010

What was I thinking!

  At least, I think that's what Ed is thinking right about now. This is your trusty guest blogger getting a chance to put her two cents in. 
  I have never seen Ed so nervous before a race. I know when he signed up for this he thought he knew what he was getting in to but I don't think the full extent of what he was taking on hit him until he looked out our hotel window and saw this.
  Yes folks, that is Pikes Peak and tomorrow morning my darling husband will be running up, then back down, this beautiful peak.
  I must admit that I have not helped his feeling of self confidence although my shaking of his nerves was unintentional. I was simply trying to find out if I would be able to meet him at the top before he went back down. The woman I was talking to asked how long it usually took him to run a marathon as the drive down would take a very long time. I answered that he generally finished in the 3:30 range. Oh, she said, then he will finish in 6 or 7 hours, I think you better just wait for him at the finish.
  In hindsight I realize that this was a conversation I should have kept to myself as I don't believe that he had any concept that it would take so long. On top of that, there were pictures all around that showed just how rough the terrain actually is. Let's just say that he got even more quite than usual after that.
  The good news is that we spent a wonderful afternoon and evening with dear friends that we have not seen in years and laughter, it appears, really is the best medicine, even for a bad case of nerves. Right now he is well carbo loaded and trying to get a good nights sleep.
  Now begins my time to worry. I know he can do anything he sets his mind to. I will pray for good weather, a great race and a happy (but exhausted) husband. Hopefully you will see a blog from him tomorrow telling you just how spectacular it was.


  1. Wow! How did it go?

    I actually did my first mountain up and back last Sunday. Mine was only 1000 feet over 1.7 miles and that was enough fun to keep my legs aching for 4 days.

    I hope the ice bath was good!